17/07/2012 22:04

Hi Guy's

Sorry no blog for long time & no new panties! Everyday many people want me tights, no time for new knickers!!!

My work very bust too.

No time to go have fun in Bangkok. Bangkok a very good place to have fun, if you never go to see before I think good idea for you! I lucky I stay here. My family live in Issan. They do farm for rice. But not have raining so rice have problem, many my friend family same. Bad luck for them. When they have bad luck I have to work more, I send them money every month.

I hope now they have raining soon then i can relax my head!

Sorry I not talk happy today i just want you understand why I not do blog.

Thank you everyone who ask for Nylon, i try & get them to you very quick!

Love Nancy X x X