05/07/2012 10:43

Hi Guy's

Thank you so much. Everyday you send sexy emails, you look at my webpage & blog very much..... it turns me on. I am happy.

I start new website here because I always feel horny when I have new panties. One day when i go disco in Bangkok before I meet man America, when I wake up he ask to me if he can keep my panties for when he horny alone. I never hear someone say before and make me feel sexy and horny. I think good idea now you can all have my panties. my friend who stay in room with me have boyfriend engaland he help me do website before but he live Engaland now so I have to do blog alone. Sorry if my english no good sometimes.

Today I go on bus to Pattaya, my friend work GoGo in Pattaya and have 1 day for relax. My boss tell me i can have one day for relax to. When I come back I show new photo.


Nancy X x X