I'm back

23/07/2012 20:13

Hi Guy's

Very sorry for no blog long time now. I go Issan to see my family. Not have internet & wifi too much. I have sent every one who ask for pantyhose today. I think 7 days you can have fun with them now. Sorry sorry very much!!!!

If you buy panties now you can get 5 FREE photo (before 30/07).

I miss you all for 1 week.

Take Care

Love Nancy X x X


17/07/2012 22:04

Hi Guy's

Sorry no blog for long time & no new panties! Everyday many people want me tights, no time for new knickers!!!

My work very bust too.

No time to go have fun in Bangkok. Bangkok a very good place to have fun, if you never go to see before I think good idea for you! I lucky I stay here. My family live in Issan. They do farm for rice. But not have raining so rice have problem, many my friend family same. Bad luck for them. When they have bad luck I have to work more, I send them money every month.

I hope now they have raining soon then i can relax my head!

Sorry I not talk happy today i just want you understand why I not do blog.

Thank you everyone who ask for Nylon, i try & get them to you very quick!

Love Nancy X x X

Panty Sniffers

12/07/2012 13:28

Hi Guy's

Sorry for not put too many new panties on here for 3 or 4 days but many people now ask for pantyhose (tights/nylons). I so busy with that I not have time for panties. BUT soon new panties will be on blogsite.

i think people like pantyhose more, i think that they smelly more and you can smell pussy, bum and feet all together.

Now I go work....


Nancy X x X

Very Nice People

11/07/2012 12:03

Hi Guy's

I have many nice friend who buy my underwear. Yesterday a man said he wants me go holiday with him. I have to say sorry very much. I cannot. I have my job in BKK & if I not working I not send money to my family. That why I sell my panties, if I not sell I cannot pay for study & cannot pay for everything. BUT thank you for ask me....

If you want see photo or buy underwear I can do everyday.



X x X

Smelly Nylons

10/07/2012 10:42

Hi Guys,

I am better little bit today, thank you for buy my smelly nylon pantyhose. If anyone want some you can order. you can pick color & I will find for you. Nylon are always very sexy, many man like but i like more.

Not forget if you not see something on my blog site & you want me to wear for you I can.... many people ask for socks. I can wear for many days that upto you... I have Paypal so you can send & it stay private for you.

Hope you enjoy my tights Mr!!!!! I email extra pictures today to your email.



X x X


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